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Search Engine Optimization

Everyone wants to locate their business on the high street with the perspective of popularity, more growth, and of course profits. In this today's digital world, the major search engines such as google, yahoo and bing are the high streets. Search Engine Optimisation will help you and your business to get popularity on any search engine. And your customers can find you with ease. This is actually achievable with some of the basic things, if implemented on your website in a proper and organised way. Such as the content quality, its uniqueness, keywords rich content for which you want your business/website to be found, or keywords which your customers are searching.

Seems simple? But SEO is not as simple as you think. Search Engine Optimisation is actually a time consuming process. Here the SEO experts of The Digital Coder helps you out in standing out of crowd with the implementation of latest and updated search engine optimisation techniques. We just make sure that with our SEO efforts, most of the targeted customers can reach your business website, especially who are searching for products and services you provide. We perform a deep study for your website and review whether website's content is fresh, all links are functioning properly, and obviously we do a lot of things which are part of SEO.

Why you should invest in Search Engine Optimisation?

In today's' digital world, this is very much important to be found online. Search Engine Optimisation helps that you can easily be found by your target customers, by optimising the keywords they use to find businesses similar to you. Think about the advertising plans which are just wastage of time and budget, if not displayed to the targeted audiences. At Digital Coder, we help you target the correct audience. Contact us today if you want to see a positive change in your conversions and sales.

How Search Engine Optimisation is helpful to you and your Business?

Not a single benefit, but Search Engine Optimisation has a list of benefits, which are as follows:

  • Increases target audience to your website.
  • Helps targeted audiences and customers find you easily.
  • Increase business sales and hence increase in profits obviously.
  • Saves advertising time and budget.
  • Provides a recognizable social media presence.
  • Helps in building useful links with other businesses.

Studies shows that 80% of users click on the top 3 results of google ranking. As most of the users uses google as search engine while searching for goods and services. This can be achievable for your website too through Search Engine Optimisation.

Evergreen Links

The content of your website must be authoritative and relevant. As with the purpose of more sales, conversions and profits, your website should provide some relevant and genuine information to the readers. This helps you in getting good links and higher positions from the major search engines such as google, yahoo and bing. As it is very clear from the name itself, the content which does not go obsolete and out of date quickly, is known as evergreen content. Our content writers provide you a content which is accurate and not misleading. Google gives priority to websites having such content which helps to engage people and they also love to share that content.

Ethical growth

We just want to explain the concept of ethical growth with a simple example. just think of a plant having deep roots in soil. This plant takes long time to grow but will be very much difficult to remove from the soil because of its deep roots in land. On the other hand, a weed which grows easily, without much efforts, not having deep roots in the soil, will be much easy to remove. Same in case with Search Engine Optimisation. When you want your business growth with SEO, there are practices like ethical and unethical, also known as White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO respectively.

White Hat SEO is those ethical SEO practices which includes:

  • Relevant, meaningful and useful content in website.
  • Creation of different links for each web page.
  • Create useful outbound and inbound links.
  • Updated and fresh content - specially with the use of blog posts, videos, articles, and animations.
  • Usage of keywords optimally. and Avoids keyword stuffing.
  • Correct usage of Internal linking to other pages for passing juice.

But unfortunately, some of the digital marketing agencies claims about overnight success, which will not be stable for a long time period. Because they use unethical practices such as Black Hat SEO techniques and tactics. They try to act smart and use as many ways of Black Hat SEO, they can use. But at the end, these practices leads to penalties on your website. Google can put your website in sandbox, from where it is not easy to get back as a normal working website. In some of the instances your website may be blacklisted. and this will directly impact your business reputation, business goals and business's long term and short term objectives as well. Black Hat SEO practices includes:

  • Use of white background for white text, using zero font size, hiding text behind pictures, are some examples of hidden text tactics
  • Link Farms, trading links, keyword cramming, duplicated content, are other ways which are also used as Black Hat SEO practices.

Our SEO Packages

As now you know that optimizing a website for different Search Engines, is an ongoing process. So, here we are with our SEO pricing and policy packages. Our SEO packages suit your budget and company’s strategy. Treat this as an investment, not an expense. Choose the one which fulfills your business website’s needs. If you are not sure about which package to choose, just contact with one of our consultants on 1800-121-3013. You can also send your queries on our e-mail address

Here at The Digital Coder, we only use ethical Search Engine Optimisation practices. If you really want long term growth of your business and website, through relevant content, organic links and traffic, we are happy to help you.