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Website Design

Engage your users with stunning website designs. By providing the best experience take them to another journey. Users mostly likes the design which helps them easy to find what they actually looking for. The Digital Coder helps you get the wonderful website design which thinks about your users first and drive online traffic for you by fulfilling your business goals and objectives. It is high time to captivate your users with amazing visuals keep them engaged on your site by providing them what they exactly want. Nowadays, User-friendliness is the key element to achieve success along with a great looking website design. We create an optimum balance of user friendly website design and appearance of the website which provides an end result of fabulous user experience. Whether your business goal is to maximize conversions, drive traffic through more sales, or anything else, we will design your website to accomplish your goals undoubtedly.

The Digital Coder design websites in such a way that it automatically attract customers online. The journey of your user dictates whether you were able to convert that user to a profitable customer or not. Each and every single decision while designing a web page, decides the interaction of a user with your web page. While designing a website, we put our focus on enter the eight information on the right place, calls to action, and other things which directly and indirectly leads to more conversions. After understanding your business, its goals and objectives, brand, we create a modern looking and responsive website design, balancing the needs of your end-users. The Basic requirements of a properly designed website, are that:

  • Easily Navigable
  • User Engagement
  • Focusing target Audience

So, we always provides you a website design taking your users as priority. And we just make sure the website design which converts.

The Process we follow in Website Design

  • First of all, we deep dive to understand about your brand, your objectives, and your market place, we define your website structure. As to attract more and more of users, are priority of every website design, so most of the major decisions we make during the very first step of our website designing process. And make sure that users’ requirements can be fulfilled on each page of website.
  • After approval of raw website design, we then introduce real content and visual assets to the wireframes. Apply colour palettes to put a life to the design. We perform all the designing part whilst following the existing and new guidelines.
  • The last step of our website designing process is managed carefully and with full coordination, between our design and website development teams. We will make you satisfy with that website design, meets all design standards and optimum efficiency, before launch.

Responsive Website Design

Most of the search traffic these days comes from mobile devices. Google has also moved towards a mobile-first index, which simply tells that how much important is your website responsive design is. No matter what devices your users use, but they should have a wonderful experience of your website. We take this very seriously that not only the website design look amazing but it should easy to navigate on all other devices.

The websites we design, are

  • Designed professionally according to individual specifications.
  • Can be viewed properly on desktops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Easy to develop and maintain.
  • Engaging and Creative.
  • Entirely focus your business needs.

How we are different?

You may know a number of website design and development agencies working out there. But how we are different from them? Let us know. Most of the agencies use 'off-the-shelf' pre-designed website templates. They just dress-up the website with the content provided by you. Using these templates are fine for the same nature of businesses and websites. But if you want a customized for a business having complex structure, and bespoke design for your website, you just need to contact The Digital Coder. This is where, we excels. We can also provide you standard template website design. But we specializes in designing bespoke websites. There are a number of advantages of building bespoke websites. These websites uses unique codes and unique platforms which helps you to stand out from your competitors. Chances of cyber-attack and other security issues are minimized.

Our websites ranges from very simple to complex designs from brochure from brochure style websites e-commerce websites.

What if you already have a website?

  • If you already have a website having obsolete design,
  • Not attracting as much customers as you expected,
  • Feeling embarrassed with your website design,
  • Customers not converting into sales,

Then you immediately need your website to be redesign. Along with website redesigning, you can also choose from our other services, like, search engine optimization services, improved link building and content writing services, which definitely results in attract and engage customers as well.

Types of websites we design

We design Brochure websites, if you just want to inform people and provide them some information, about your business. These website showcase simplicity in design. Content Management System (CMS) websites, if you want to analyze things, update content regularly and easily. Catalogue websites if you want to display products and want your customers to place orders, but they can not buy products directly. E-commerce websites, are just like a shop opens 24*7. Your customers can place their order anytime and buy products. Our creative and professional team also provides you bespoke website design, fits within your budget and suits your business needs. Bespoke websites are more secure, more editable, less expensive, cost effective and perfect fit for your business website needs. Not only present but for fulfillment of your future aspirations, bespoke websites are the best design to opt for.

So what you are waiting for? Select from the pricing and packages below, suits your business website needs. If you are not so much sure about what package to choose, for a jargon free conversation, just contact one of our consultants on 1800-121-3013 or you can also send us your queries at