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Website Maintenance

The Digital Coder helps you maintain your website - from updates to improvements. Having a website is vital and very important to your business, in today's business environment. But it is much more important to keep that website up to date regularly and to ensure is it running smoothly or not? Is it working correctly and showing right information to users and search engines? Whether you own a small, medium or large sized company, having online presence through website, but working on websites is not your routine task, due to busy schedule and other operational jobs, or do not have staff, or as much time to do these website maintenance tasks, The Digital Coder's team of experts, is here to do this for you. We assure you an updated website which also stays within your budget. You can really trust upon The Digital Coder agency for all your website maintenance needs. We ensure you both your long term and short term success of your website's online marketing.

How we do website maintenance?

This totally depends upon your website structure. There are number of things needs to be update. Let us take an example of a WordPress site, we regularly update all the WordPress plug-ins, and make sure site is not vulnerable to hackers. On the other side, if your site is hand-coded, and made by using external scripts, then we update those scripts when their authors update them. This also helps you to beat your online competitors.

Our team of experts, website designers and programmers is there to help. We can go weekly or monthly to your site to ensure that website is running smoothly after being updated. Type of Services we provide under website maintenance:

  • Update website's content, including text, PDF files, calendar events, images etc.
  • WordPress updates
  • WooCommerce updates.
  • WordPress Plug-ins updates.
  • Templates and theme file updates.
  • Optimize and tweak pages, which results in higher search engine rankings.
  • Redesign website banner and header.
  • Make sure website is working properly on mobile devices and latest web browsers.
  • Upgrade website software.
  • Fix any errors and warnings in website functionality.
  • Report all the stats and rankings of website.
  • Find 404 pages and troubleshoot any error while opening pages.
  • Resolve Webmasters issues.
  • Add new pages, remove old links, optimize images, check broken links, and upgrade technology.

Why you need to update website?

  • Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, prefer to index fresh site and content, rather than websites which are not being updated from a long time period. This automatically results in higher rankings.
  • Updating website attracts visitors to visit your website again.
  • Updated information have a good impression of your business, on your interested customers.

Why choose us?

Our technical team will deeply study your business needs. According to that, we do website maintenance of your site. Along with this you can also choose other services such as website designing, website development, search engine optimization and many other.

We have different type of plans according to services provided and time allotted per month. Choose from the plans below which suits your business needs. If you need a more bespoke plan, contact us with one of our consultants, or call us now on 1800-121-3013. You can also send mail to . We can respond your queries as soon as possible.